I’m SCARLETT JOHANSSON fool! You BETTER believe aii-iight? WATCH me video yo!

29 04 2008

‘Take me seriously!!

So WHAT if I die my hair a striking platinum color just like Marylin Monroe?

So WHAT if I were revealing clothes ALL the time?

So WHAT if I’m constantly posing semi nude and suggestively in ONLY mens magazine?

So WHAT if I can’t STOP pouting in ALL my films and thus seem affected?

So WHAT if after I just recently whined about people & the media being obsessed with the physical aspect of myself I then release a video for my new ‘take me seriously as a singer’ vehicle and all I’m doing is pouting, singing breathlessly and showing close ups of my face ALL the time?


I’m Scarlett Johansson fool and you better believe it!’

Watch Scarlette’s NEW video for her NEW song like now!!!


Video via Gawker




3 responses

29 04 2008

Why she wanted a music career I will never know. The singing is awful and the video is beyond boring.

As for Scarlet herself, I actually respect her. I think she’s a pretty good actress (She was excellent in Match Point). I also think she sets a great example – She’s not a size Zero, she has real curves and she flaunts it.

29 04 2008

She’s hot-she’d be an EXCELLENT model. I only liked her in Coppola’s film and Ghost World-thought she was brilliant in both…but then I saw her pouting too much & stuff…

Then it fell flat for me…

29 04 2008

I am not a fan of pouting, bad acting, or being slutty either. I guess we must be the minority because Angelina Jolie keeps getting work…

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