BRATZ: Ahh my ears are bleeding! Lily Allen releases a few of her new tracks on her Myspace..

29 04 2008

I guess she’s decided to try singing again now that she’s getting a little backlash? You gotta love this girl-at least 2 years after it was scheduled, she starts work finally on her second album.

Oh dear...drunk again..


Oh god her new stuff sounds like a bad version of Roisin Murphy’s not so great latest album! I’m not being a bitch-it just doesn’t work. For some crazy and very lucky reason, Lily’s contrived and fake sensibility worked on her last musical style/album-she was as real as a slice of white bread in Aldi’s but it worked in a funny kinda way for her North London faux hip hop/reggae thang she was playing at.

But with this new dance thing that she’s doing?? She better play the whole Kylie gay card cause they are the only one’s who would buy into this lukewarm mediocre drivel-quickly!


Lily’s Myspace…..

NB: Beware of her crazy sycophantic myspace friends…!!?




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29 04 2008

Her Dad is a famous British Comedian and I feel his humor has rubbed off on her music. She has a funny way of saying bitchy things. That’s why I feel the new song ‘I don’t know’ works. She’s obviously had her taste of the LA lifestyle and totally gets it on the nose. I don’t think she’s channeling Kylie at all here, it follows the same type of pop/rock similar to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone” and Sugababes “About You Now”.

She is quite clever in her own way:

“Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
It’s all about fast cars and passing each other
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so f**king fantastic”

29 04 2008


You know why I’m like this? And I’ve pointed this out in past new tid bits ;)…

I’ve seen hr live before she became big @ Bestival- I LIKED her, in fact I LOVED her when she first came out but it then became this bullshit machine she span, on and on…

England is small-she went like to a really expensive school and she LIED about it…

My sis’s friends knew her at school…

All I’m saying is the girl is a fake and I don’t think she is genuine or honest or real to her fans and that sucks for me as someone who road the wave…

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