You’re too Black! You scare me! Help!

28 04 2008

“The leading British photographer Nick Knight says: “The fashion industry and the advertising industry are steeped in racism. You just have to look around at the number of black girls you see in ads – virtually nil. Among the main fashion brands, they are completely under-represented. It’s shocking and atrocious.”

Mr Knight blames business people at the top of the industry. A common attitude among them, he says, is that black models are “not aspirational” or “don’t sell in Asia”. He goes on: “I have tried to redress the balance. It is enormously important to use black models and models of different ethnic backgrounds.””

To be black eh folks?

I would swear being a child rapist with Nazi issues would be more accepted the way these guys are reacting.

If you’ve been selling to us all our lives that blond hair & blue eyes is prettiest-are the very lazy and cautious advertisers to blame? Innovation in advertising is a thing of the past it seems.

We want to think we are great-us humans; that we are all capable of grandness in intellect & action but were bloody simple, lazy and fucking insecure!

Go on world, rock to the forth!

News via Stereohyped & The Independent




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