WTF? What has Perez done to his FACE??!!

28 04 2008

Perez Hilton in Washington
Oh my god!!

Oh fuck. This is kinda sad-he’s going to become like all the crazy plastic surgery obsessed celebs! I see fillers, a face peel and a nose job? Also do you see a face lift! It’s subtle but NOT subtle if you know what I mean.


The job is good but it’s like he’s done a Debbie Gibson. HA! What a coincidence he’s standing next to Ashlee Simpson-do you think she gave him her surgeons number?

I know he’s lost weight but dude’s had shit done on his face!!

Image via PEREZ




4 responses

29 04 2008

Thank God someone posted about this!!! As soon as I saw those recent pictures of Perez it was so OBVIOUS that bitch had word done (once again proving he is the world’s biggest hypocrite). I hate that tool.

29 04 2008


I know he is hated BUT how can anyone miss the fact that the dude has a new face!?

I think it’s more sad then anything else-I don’t hate him AT ALL-he’s obviously has serious self loathing issues…hence the fact he site was all about being anti/bitchy to celebs & then he’s hanging out with them all the time…

29 04 2008

I have nothing against bloggers, I love the funny, bitchy comments and up-to-date pop culture news. However, I have a huge problem with Perez because he is NOT a blogger.

He hated Britney Spears for being a druggie mess, but didn’t critique Amy Winehouse (until recently). The reason being Amy Winehouse met him and gave him some photo opportunities.

He tried to be an actor and failed, so now he is trying so hard to get his 15 minutes of fame.

29 04 2008

Yeah I agree. I know this stuff-it’s crazy which is why I feel more sorry for him then I actually hate or loathe him.

He is so genuinely contradictory that I don’t know how anyone could read his site for more then 15 secs. I liked it when I thought he was at least candid & funny…

But yeah-I get you, one should be consistent..

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