RANTLOVESFOOD: Blowfish Mow Fish!!

28 04 2008


    Blowfish image

Now, I don’t know why but for some reason I’m obsessed with reading and watching stories about people eating the famous Japanese meal of that dangerous ol’fish-The Blowfish. Do I find something different? Am I hoping that the writer will witness someone dying when eating the dish?

God knows-but one thing I do know-for all the articles about this fish that comes out at least FOUR times a year in all international broadsheet papers, is that the sheer excitement and beaming joy that underlines the writers piece is addictive and so bloody welcomed in times when all we read is second rate journalism that bores as it frustrates you for its shoddiness.

Ha, hold on there Teddy McVeety! I’m not THAT nice-I also think it’s bloody funny to read/see these mainly white, mostly middle aged affected men write their pieces like they have discovered the elixir to life! It’s dead sweet and soooo ‘privileged’, that it just puts a silly grin on my face!

Thing is too, is that you won’t here anything very different AT ALL but that’s the charm. The charm that these newspaper editors every 3/4 months churn out a story about ‘eating the most dangerous fish in the world’


” Several calls around the fugu network by my interpreter, Shinji Nohara, had revealed that Chef Hashimoto had just returned from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market with a prime tora, or “tiger,” fugu, caught in the waters off Miyazaki prefecture, in southern Japan. Even better, tonight, I’ve been told, he’ll be serving that most prized portion of the fugu anatomy known as shira-ko, a.k.a. the engorged fugu sperm sac. Tiger fugu is considered the filet mignon of blowfish, coveted, according to the twisted logic of fugu connoisseurs, for both its distinctive flavor and its unparalleled concentration of lethal toxins. And the shira-ko is among the most potentially fatal parts of the famously poisonous fish. Of all the dishes served in all the restaurants in all the world, you could argue, the particular seafood delicacy I’ve come fourteen time zones and 6,800 miles to ingest is the one that’s most likely to kill me dead.

Among the intrepid TV hosts and iron-stomached bloggers who span the globe looking for horrible things to eat, a potentially deadly blowfish dinner is a badge of honor, the thrill-seeking gastronome’s equivalent to scaling Mount Everest. Anthony Bourdain made a de rigueur fugu stop in Tokyo for his madcap food travel show A Cook’s Tour. In his engaging chronicle The Year of Eating Dangerously, the British food critic Tom Parker Bowles (the son of Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla Parker Bowles) manages to fit his death-defying fugu experience in between a barbecued-rib cook-off in Tennessee and a nutritious helping of boiled dog in South Korea.”

I love that Adam Platt mentioned the similar sentiments that I had about the Blowfish media obsession but he’s just as bad as Bourdain!! Which is what’s so funny and nice…..

Ahh-don’t worry guys, my next post is bitchy!

Article via NYMAG




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