MUSIC SOB STORY: The Kooks want our respect!!

28 04 2008


Q: So who are The Kooks?

A: That shitty whiney English indie pop rock group full of boys who went to really, really posh schools with Lily Allen and then went to stage school with that maybe lesbian Kate Melua (Don’t care how you spell her name).

Yeah them.



I feel really sad for them-all that hard work they’ve put in. All those obstacles that they have faced and endured to rise above the ashes to be a success in the Uk!

Yes, they went to the renowned and social climbing stage school called ‘The Brit School’ which shockingly is even more connected with a large dash of nepotism for added affect, then that other Jewish stage school-Sylivia Young, were our Amy ‘I’m so real’ Winehouse went.

Yes, some when to Bedales, one of the most expensive public schools in England that has been attended by anyone whose parents are either in the arts industry or they earn more then at least £200 K a year.

I feel sick to the stomach writing this how have they coped? These poor , poor kids-they’re all in their early 20’s, this is just so bloody unfair.

For all the heartache and struggles they’ve endured-they seem to have their heads firmly on their shoulders, THANK GOD.

“Well, we’re not like those older bands, the guys pushing 30,” he says. “Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Razorlight… With all those bands, there’s always some weird gimmick. But with us, there’s very little bullshit. We’re straight down the line.””

‘Straight down the line’. Okay. That’s true.

“The gig at the Dome is fun, with an incongruous mishmash of punters. While women wobble about on their boyfriends’ shoulders and screech, ageing skinheads jig beside scarf-wearing dandies as plastic pint glasses are lobbed into the air, the dregs of lager catching in the bright stage lights and falling on to the crowd like gold dust. There is, as promised, very little bullshit, and no one seems to be enjoying themselves any less on account of the band’s stint at stage school.”

I’m trying not to gag-these guys are the ‘genuine’ article.

“If they’re inescapably courteous, it could be a simple question of breeding. For many would dismiss the Kooks, and Pritchard in particular, as he went to the progressive Bedales School, as boarding-school boys who may well know their way around a pop tune, but who were groomed for chart success: first at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, and then the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM), where they formed in 2003. It’s this showbiz kids’ schooling that’s been the beefiest stick with which to beat them since their 2006 debut, Inside In/Inside Out, went on to sell 1.5 million copies in the UK.”

Doesn’t this make them erm, manufactured? Just a tad? I’m just saying.

““When I look at us objectively, I see us as this weird anomaly. None of us is particularly cool. We’ll just turn up in a town and play a whole load of tunes. We’ve never been the type of band that scenesters come and watch, and why would we want to be? We can play Naive tonight, have everyone singing along and I’ll think, I’ve achieved it… a proper pop song.””

Erm, see below image of the band. You can google more if you like. But do they not look quite ‘trendy’, ‘cool’, erm like every other indie band with skinny jeans? I’m just observing-that’s all.
The Kooks! Respec em!!
(Oh, look some are smoking! Do you think they are menthols?)

Finally, do you know what the definition of ‘Kook’ is? “someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group”.

Uh huh. These guys are the real McCoy. The real deal. You better know it. You better respect it.

Peace out people, article via THE TIMES

And remember folks, ANYONE can make it! The Kooks AREN’T lucky, at ALL.




One response

15 06 2011

Wow, you got some serious resentment going for you there. Sorry, but I can’t agree. The kooks are not just churned out by a machine, just because they went to good schools doesn’t mean they’re not talented. They just look like normal guys, and have good music, which is a lot more than you can say about most bands today… They don’t write absolute bullshit that sounds all the same, so what if they smoke and wear skinny’s, they’re just a couple of 20 year olds who have good dress sense (though I don’t really like skinny’s on guys… But hey, if they like it, leave them alone.) And are you saying, that a musician has to go through hardship to be good? Don’t be so closed minded.

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