BRATZ: Jade Jagger is so full of shit & overrated!

27 04 2008

Riding on your Daddies coattails can be pretty hard and tiring sometimes. So hard that you have to copy, copy and copy some more when you are asked to do a design job. It pays to be an ungrateful lazy bitch huh?

“Jagger took the inspiration for the mass-marketed dagger from an official World War II Nazi knife, according to a source close to the designer.

“She removed the swastikas and eagles and redesigned it as her own creation,” said the source. “Belvedere obviously did not know.”

Jagger then debuted her creation to the public last week at a Belvedere Vodka party at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York and at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where she told Women’s Wear Daily, “The dagger’s a very English symbol, very authoritarian. I’ve got tons.””

‘Very English’..rah, rah, rah….

Piss off Jade-the original BRATZ. And take your mate Mosside with you!

Via NY Post




2 responses

9 05 2008

fuck you

12 05 2008

love you

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