27 04 2008

We live in such cynical times that I have to be honest, is this a publicity stunt?

Do you LOVE it or Do you LOVE it!?

“Amy left Holborn police station in central London yesterday morning after spending a night in cells before being cautioned for common assault.

Her latest troubles began on Tuesday night after she arrived at a pub in Camden, north London, with pals including Babyshambles star Mik Whitnall following a booze-up at her flat nearby. Once inside she is said to have hit Moroccan musician Mustapha el Mounmi after he refused to give way to her at the pool table.

Mustapha, 27, had a bruised eye and swollen lip. He said: “I feel so angry. She smashed my face hard.”

After playing pool, Amy returned to her flat but emerged to visit the nearby Bar Tok at 2am on Wednesday. The frail-looking star left at 2.45am and allegedly head-butted a good samaritan trying to hail her a cab because she thought he was trying to molest her. Breaking his silence about her arrest, sad Mitch sighed: “I have spoken to her about that and she told me the situation got completely out of hand. Clearly this can’t continue.”

The trouble did not stop there. At the end of the evening wild-eyed Amy promised a cabbie £40 to take her home. She persuaded him to stop on the way so she could buy newspapers but staggered into a lamp-post, nearly smashing her head.

When she got home she angered the driver by paying only £20.

And on Friday morning Amy celebrated a report that she was worth £10million by getting thrown out of a London bar for allegedly taking drugs in the lavatory.

Shaken Mitch went on: “One of the reasons I came to Tenerife was to get away from it all.

“If I was in England, I’d be around there and try to impress upon her the foolishness of her ways.

“During the week I nearly came home from Tenerife because she phoned me and said ‘I really miss you’ and started crying. I got my sister to go and see her. She has clearly been through a very traumatic week.

“I don’t feel Amy is beyond help. But unless she wants it, you can’t force her to do anything against her will.””

Mmm. Me thinks she’s suffering from the very famous disease; ‘famousilitous’. Yes I’ve made that up but it’s apt isn’t it?

Poor Mitch-sorry but you reap what you sew. Personally I’d like to see her locked up cause she’s doing my head but she’s another Britney, mentally stubborn.

Anyway; via The NOTW, her dad is really not happy with her and is finally seeing her true colors as I’ve been saying…

“It was reported that he and Amy were planning to publish a joint effort.

But Blake, who was devastated Amy did not visit him, now hopes to cash in alone. His mother Georgette said: “She’s made a complete fool of herself and I hope my son divorces her.”

AMY’S dad angrily confirmed that she HAS been cheating on hubby Blake Fielder-Civil with her manager’s assistant, Alex Haynes.

Mitch, who asked geeky Alex to look after Amy, said: “It’s unbelievable. He’s tall, but he’s like a little boy.

“I am shocked. His job was to look after Amy. I asked him to stay with Amy while she was recording at Henley. This was not part of the job! I don’t like infidelity. But Alex could be the victim in all this.

“I can’t ever imagine Alex seducing Amy. He looks like Clark Kent.

It was clearly the other way round and Amy had her wicked way with him. But I would never dream of putting those two together.”

A friend of 24-year-old Alex revealed he confessed to his fling with Amy in a phone call to his boss Raye Cosbert in Los Angeles.

The pal said: “Alex was far from happy that the news of his affair had come out. I think he was feeling very sheepish and guilty. His job was to make sure she was all right.

“No one suspected he was actually having a fling with her.””

Header & News via The Sunday Mirror




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