26 04 2008

Lets play a game mes amies!!


Yes it’s that time of the year when we question things that just don’t add up or don’t seem right in da world of Holly-weird!

Woody Harrelson gave a glowing character reference. Woody is best buddies with Owen Wilson. Owen Wilson goes out with Kate Hudson.

What are you thinking? You thinking what I’m thinking?

Erm, like Woody has a dodgey past-so okay he’s gone the major length to support his fucked up bro from ‘White Man Can’t Jump’ but then Woody and Owen are like, soooo best friends, as we’ve seen-so is Owen maybe kinda like ‘fucked up’?

I mean I know these dudes(The Wilsons) are all middle class but I smell a rat. AND the rat gets bigger when I smell Hudson into the picture-so now she can’t be such a ‘good smiley blond girl’, can she be? Still?

Ohhh Holly-WEIRD! Will we ever, evah know?

TMZ news




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