NOT BREAKING NEWS!! AMY seen with bloke AFTER Blake is seen with girl!!!??

26 04 2008

Coincidence? Shurley not folks, eh?

Poor Amy…..Poor Amy

GOD my hate for this woman has grown TEN ‘fucking’ FOLD!!


So I avoided this story cause it’s like boring and a crock of shit. BUT then I witness that all the blogs and media papers are reacting like this publicity stunt is fucking NEWS?!


Are you pulling my legs folk?

Lets start with this brilliant quote that the stupid overrated self proclaimed “bitch”, has peddled to the newspapers….ok…wait for it….and please don’t laugh, okay? goes:

“The Rehab diva has been dating clean living Alex Haynes, 24, her manager’s right hand man, for a month.”

Have you stopped laughing? Yeah, I know ‘clean living’-joke right? What I find even more funnier is that is her new handbag holder claims that he is actually ‘looking after her’ and ‘clean living’ and they’ve been ‘together for a month’…well, I’m not being mean sweetheart-can I call you that? But you’re doing a terrible job my luv because in the past month our beloved attention seeking bad girl about town- has been arrested, looked more out of it then before, canceled her second album and erm-has been spotted even more out and about on the filthy scenester streets of dear ol’Camden Town.

So who den Lying? Who dis taking da mickey out of da gullible public innit?

Is it da boy or our Amy? The people need to know. Aiiight?

“Last night Amy, 24, was arrested and locked up after voluntarily going to a police station on suspicion of assault over two boozy punch-ups.
Click here to find out more!

Friends told how she is smitten with “clean-cut mummy’s boy” Alex but fears that Blake, 25, on remand in prison, will find out.

One said: “Alex is a good boy. He doesn’t smoke or take drugs. He isn’t a big drinker. Amy has really fallen for him.

“But she didn’t want the truth coming out because she doesn’t want Blake reading things that may upset him and make him try something stupid.” Last night she was said to be furious that the news of her new relationship had leaked out. Amy had been lying low last week recording the title track for the new James Bond movie in Henley, Oxfordshire, with Alex by her side.

An insider said: “Their relationship is only a month old but Amy was desperate to keep it quiet from Blake.””

Oh yeah-you tell me this readers and members of the general cultural elite. Lets play a game of ‘SUCKAS!’…

Question: Amy doesn’t want Blaake to find out about her new bloke, so why did she parade him around Camden Town when she knows the paps are always following her?
Question: Amy has been with new guy for a month but we’ve only just seen pics of them, erm, yesterday, why is this?
Question: Mysteries of the world happen-Big foot, Aliens and Kylie-how was it possible that we just saw Amy with new bloke after we saw article on Blake & new girl?

All these questions?!! Do you know?

Or is she playing us for ‘SUCKAS’?!


News viv Mirror




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