MEMO: ‘Sir’ Rick-ay Gervais, don’t forget your roots big-‘un!

26 04 2008

Check our Ricky lad now directing and starring in a film with that pretty Hollywood lady called Jennifer Garner!? Ohhhh, I say, hasn’t he done well for ‘imself eh? Nice Jewish boy like ‘im from that place down sarf that’s near France and that and well, ere he is, looking plush!

    Ricky with that pretty Jen!!

Don’t you reckon ‘e looks ‘andsome girls?

Don’t you?

D-o-n-‘-t y-o-u?

Well, lets hope all this fame lasts long as we all know wot ‘appened when things don’t like pang out…? You know, like that Greek mythology thingy of that geezer ‘om flew to close to the sun like? Y’know ‘im? And he got burnt like?

Careful my Ricky. Careful.

Images via JUSTJARED (again!)




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