Loook at me!! Loooook at me!!! NoooooooooooooWWW!!

26 04 2008
    Colleen by the pool!!???!!

Don’t you just HATE it when someone takes a picture of you unawares, lying aimlessly with your boobs out and your stomach sucked in by the pool in some resort? Sucks huh?

Ok most of you won’t know Collen as a small percentage are actually based in the UK but she’s going out with some really, really rich footballer called Wayne Rooney, who plays for Manchester United and is supposed to be the best English player since slice fucking bread.

He likes to shag old women, he’s a bit of a minger and he’s a prop-ah scally. I won’t bore you with their situation cause I’d be boring myself. So why I here you wonder in your simplistic but positive heads am I writing about thee?

Well…it’s cause she inspired me. After I saw all these very publicity friendly photos of her and her mates living it up somewhere in Europ-A!

You see, for some reason unknown to me-she is really liked in the UK, despite the fact she’s the most attention seeking and calculating self made celeb out there. More so-she obv wants her own career BADLY-hence these shots and other stuff she’s pulled.

Coleen & Staged DANCE

But what’s her game? And there is one….oh yes…..she obv hates him-he’s made a fool of her enough times. But she’s been cocky now-like I don’t ‘need Wayne’, look at me in the press?

She’s supposed to be getting married-this doesn’t look good….to him….is she trying to get him to dump her? Or punch her like before?

What do you tink tink?

Where is mah NEWZ from?? DDDD-Daily Mail!!!




3 responses

23 05 2008
Middle Man

Well that was a rant. Not sure what exactly pushed your button but please stay away from Alderley Edge in the UK – it could push your towards a coronary:


23 05 2008

HA! I used to live in Manchester! Thats were my energy came from lol!

27 05 2008
Middle Man

I hope to God you didn’t watch the Werakest Link special with the WAGS yesterday. Danielle Lloyd won and Charlie was second. They were all so thick!

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