How the mighty highty have fallen: Pete Doherty

25 04 2008

Wasn’t it just about a year ago that we-the UK were all obsessed with everything Pete Doherty and Kate Mosside? Well, the opening of Pete’s art show opened to little funfair and even smaller comments by the usually ruthless Daily Mail readers. Oh Pete, you are a prat ain’t cha kiddo?

Pete\'s work of his replationship with Kate Moss

So here we have an exhibition of Pete’s paintings @ The Chappel Gallery in France.

He’s using his own blood as art y’know..? Wow I say. Boring I think.

I’m not going to lie, I was as interested in Pete’s relationship with Kate Moss, as much as an ingrown toe nail on the feet pesty preacher. I don’t care and it’s all bullshit-rubbish for the spoon fed mainstream contingency who love to worship and adulate just about anyone whose slightly charismatic.

If you can be bothered? News via The lovely Mail.

Ohhhh The blood!!




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