The Fall of Cultural Society: MILEY CYRUS

24 04 2008

American’s are professionals in selling that ‘fake holier then thou I don’t smoke or kiss boys’ crap-Brrrritney anyone?

Miley Cyrus

I didn’t fall for it then and I ain’t gonna fall for it now!

As much as I’d love to waste my time writing about her-as I’ve been avoiding it t’ill now, as usual, I don’t have to cause the guys over @ LIS have done it for me brilliantly.

Hadley has her rant below:

“Anyway, it seems that Miley, 15, is not only following in her father’s footsteps by making a lotta money courtesy of a pointless rhyme. She is also walking in those of her noble teenage predecessors as a photo of her is now circulating on the internet in which she is, as is the case with all photos prefaced with the words “internet” and “circulating”, showing the world what she has to offer.

Oh, vengeance striketh hard, does it not, Miley? It is hard not to see this whole shebang as revenge on her hair extensioned head by the god of teenage acting. Not so long ago young Miley snootily informed MTV that her career icon was not Lindsay Lohan, no, nor even Britney Spears, but… Hilary Duff.
“She kind of set the way for all of us, not only in just a business sense, but by saying that it is OK to be a good girl,” cooed this modern day Sandra Dee and Gloria Steinem in one.

But seriously, Hilary Duff?! Last I heard, Duffy was in a movie entitled Greta Foodfight! (exclamation mark: vital) while Brit and Linds clearly eat plutonium for breakfast, such is their indestructibility. And, truly, their sense of revenge is keen. Smite hard, ladies.”

I bet Daddies proud. She’s learned quick!
More here chicas y chicos

Image Justjared




26 responses

28 07 2008

to make matters worse,
she’s an UGLY slut.

5 08 2008

she is sooooooo not that isnt even her!!!!!! duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

5 08 2008

thats not even me!!

13 08 2008

acctually that is me and i am i big whore

17 08 2008

miley t5hats not cool

20 08 2008

this bitch is nasty.!

3 07 2010

ur not selena lol !!!!!!! cuz selena is miley’s friend ^.^

22 08 2008

wtf? So much for cutie pie Disney Hanna fucking Montana.
This kinda publisity is only going to get what you want…and then you will be a coccaine slut like Lindsay Lohan. and for the record.please someone agre with me…it sounds like your nose is plugged when you talk and sing.

24 08 2008

ewe. what is up with her hair? slut

19 09 2008

eey miley haters i wish you all the cancer and
your mom too

she is fucking hot man

29 09 2008

she is hott

1 11 2008

I used to look up to you but now looking at your pictures make me fill sick
what the hell is wrong with you
you should by setting good exmaples to young kids not this
this is disgusting
i know some people do it no point putting it on the internet though
maybe think first because now
i think your hated

28 12 2008

hey that coment about hannah is not a good roumodl i agre.

30 12 2008

the only reason this little slut is famous is thanks to her dad…without him she is nothing…she is a horrible actor and a horrible singer…there are many more pictures like this out there now…and my kids look up to this little whore? not anymore.

19 01 2009
some nutcase (but not really though)

Uhhhh I don’t see a problem wit this or any other pic cause she’s not even showing anything…besides she’s hot as hell πŸ˜‰

19 01 2009
some nutcase (but not really though)

I’m doing this just cause it’s funny….. πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜‰ =[ =]

31 01 2009

you people who thank she is stupid you might be stupid. what if you were her and thease commets said the same thing about you??

3 07 2010

first its miley’s fult cuz this is not the first or the only bad pic for miley and i saw alote of miley’s half naked photoes and they dont look like fake but i think they are fake cuz miley is a really good person or mybe she is not ……or thats what they wants as to think @.@
thanks …… ^_^

23 02 2009

Bitching….. Moaning….. Bullshitting….. stop it now please the internet does not deserve to have ur shit posted on it.

-=Celebrity cultur is a crime and ur the perpetrators…. scum=-

30 01 2010

that is a faked photograph, you’re all idiots.
especially the person who wrote this god awful “article.”

15 06 2010

i dont think this is her because her eyes are not that colour and i am sure she wont throw her career for a small slutty picture although she is not showing anything:-)

24 06 2010

wow.!! all yur fuckin dumbasss out there.!! shut the fuck up.!! im really not a miley fan, but dont yu think shes suffered enogh.!? wow.!? all yu fuckin guys are sooo stupid.!! jus leaave the pooor gurl ALONE!!! leaave yr negative comments to yourself.!! and soo what if shes a slut or whore.!! atleaast she tries to keep it all to herself.!? i mean its not lk one day she lk “hey, i think i’ll take pics of me in a bra.!? haha and then put it one internet soo ppl can call me a whore and i can deni it.!? okay fuckin dumbassses.!? as i said..i reall dont lk all tht much as other ppl, but this shit yr sayin bout her is stupid.!!!!! i realll dont think this is even real.!? it doesnt even look lk her.!! i mean jus look at the hair,.!! yu can already tell its fake.!! ugh.!!! ok im done.!! jus leaave her alone with all this.!! keep rude comments to yurslef.!! she doesnt neeed ne more fucking drama in her life.!! and haha wow,.!! she has a pic of her bra.!! im sure yu ppl have done it.!! and the dumb asss fuckin bitch.!!! tht put this uphere, yu fuckin dumb ass tooo.!? “oh it doesnt show ne thing so whats wrong with it.!?” its fuckin ruining her life.!! putttin this dumb ass fake or reall shit up on here.!! what kind of sick person are yu.!? ruining some teeenagers life.!?!?! haha okay.!?!? jus remember whos against yu.!! billions of miley fanns tht know its not true,.!!(:

27 06 2010
Miley Cyrus not fan

miley is a bitch!

3 07 2010

yeah right !!!!!!!! how do you know that and ur not her fan ????

3 07 2010

i think she is hot …………. but if the pic fake the one how made it must be her friend or some thing or her Boy friend

6 07 2010
den vos

that isnt even miley look at her eyes and then at pics of the real mileys eyes her eyes are not the same im not DUMB nice try next time edit the eyes mwahahaaaaaa πŸ™‚

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