I HATE Russell Brand. I HATE Edith Bowman.

24 04 2008

Do you know how painful this was for me? Do you?
Russell and Edith

Oh look at them. So bloody smug.

Urgh. I have to say I hate Edith more then I hate Brand.

Blarrgh…….read on, oh read on from the source..




17 responses

24 04 2008

This made me laugh too much.
I hate them both too! Talentless fools!

24 04 2008


I was really on the fence to put this on cause she’s preggers BUT it brought out so much hate in me, I couldn’t even write the jargon I wanted to!

1 05 2008

I fucking hate these two. I hope they die slow, agonising deaths!!!!

10 05 2008
Emmet Barry

I hope he dies………………………………

11 10 2008
Sherry Lavato

I hate them

26 10 2008

I have to agree, why talentless toss pots and celebrity morons clutter our TV screens is beyond me. As well as Brand and Bowman, I also dislike Alan Carr, Jonathan Ross, Piers Morgan, Amy Winehouse and Blakey , Pete Doherty, Jordan and Peter Andre, Sharon OIsborne and the entire Osborne clan, Kerry Katona, Simon Fuller, Simon Cowell, George Michael, Elton John, that fat twat Chris Moyles and every tit who has ever appeared on Big Bother, any TV Talent Show or any reality tv show.

Sadly Saturday night tv is like a Butlins Talent show, it’s little wonder we are all binge drinking ourselves to death. Faced with watching this crap liver failure sounds quite entertaining.

24 09 2009

your fucking right mate these pricks are just household fucking garbage especially that cunt brand, he needs clubbing, andre the same and that twat of a stupid bitch. the tv is full of shit, like katona, and the fucking osbornes like you say, you have my vote mate they are all cunts and should die horrid deaths.

13 04 2011

Yes I totally agree-I can only cope with this mindless shit by taking hard drugs

29 10 2008

I didn’t think it was possible to be even unfunnier than Michael Barrymore but Brand accomplishes this with ease. Let’s hope he goes the same way as Barrymore.

16 02 2009


dedicated to the hatred of Russell Brand

28 04 2009

Thank god I found this site, I was starting to think I was the only one who hated Russell Brand… Everyone seems to love this cuntface arsewipe! I can’t turn the TV on or read the paper without hearing some nonentity singing his praises and talking about what a genius he is. If this is what is considered talent nowadays then God help us all. I just hope while hes over in America some nutjob blows hes brains out and saves us from any more torment.

21 07 2009

You’re all fucking miserable twats.
I hate you all and think you’re all horrible people who should go and die in a hole.
Fuck you.

19 08 2009

I actually agree with sam he’s right, stop having a go and just live your own life. Don’t watch t.v programs with him in it if you don’t want to, go do something else. Your all ‘miserable twats’ I hate it how you can have a go, no justification and how can you prove he isn’t a genius, he really is, he has problems but obviously being human we all do so to me he is a great person and most of jokes are actually funny if you have half a brain to understand them.

24 09 2009

sam and andrew, you fucking idiots. sam you are probably that prick, trying to love himself up on the web, we all hate you so fuck off and die. and andrew well ….. you fucking moron..

9 06 2010

i can’t stand the fuckin cunt face prick of an arse he is, who the hell does he think he is a god or something, fuck him he’s no better than any of us just case he’s on the radio and TV doesnt make him famous, fuck him again little turd.

10 12 2010

Russell Brand has an annoying face like an unhygienic unshaved old mans testicle….I wouldn’t mind seeing him in his fish net crop top and fucking skinny jeans (what the fuck is all that about ruining fashion) if it was a live tv broadcasted public stoning or hanging.

Any one that defends this talentless unfunny moron is either related or paid by this smug prick…..all of you bury yourselves and find another idol someone who resembles a human…..


23 03 2011
bootiful age 33

He is such a misogynist wanker!! Jesus freak and anti women too, I wish he could go F**** himself. Absolute cock. Besides brand you sexist misogynist. you may not need sex 5 times a day but women do. it is not all about yourself you old man, you look like a debauched male prostitute with sunken cheeks. you hideous male specimen. Katy Perry is non attractive and rough she is totally overrated and ugly, millions of FAR PRETTIER WOMEN AROUND whom do not have her $$$ but are still far prettier and more decent than that hag, nothing attractive about either of these degradingly ugly types anyway.

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