‘Normal’ Robbie Williams R.I.P

24 04 2008

Oh Robbie, you were never really there, and in all fairness to you my love, no one who wants to be famous ever is. That’s why we love and hate em really. But oh me lad-it’s really fucked you up not breaking the US with your really shit mediocre music, hasn’t it?

Williams and Loha in LA publicity stunt

Now this news of being into Aliens come from The Express-so I’ll respect your wariness in buying the story but I have heard him murmur this shit before. Also I wonder if he is a sciencetologist? I’m in come on-they have someone here who is here and willing!

“This revelation comes courtesy of journalist and broadcaster Jon Ronson who specialises in winning the trust of people with extreme or bizarre beliefs. Having previously investigated the shadowy Bilderberg Group of world leaders and befriended oddballs and outcasts from David Icke to the Ku Klux Klan, he has now given us a glimpse into the weird world of Robbie Williams.

The star – who has battled drink, drugs, ballooning weight and depression and once admitted himself to rehab on his birthday because he was washing down prescription pills with 20 cans of Red Bull and 36 double espressos a day – first contacted Ronson three years ago. He wanted the journalist to organise an over­night stay in a haunted house for him.

That never came off but the two stayed in touch and earlier this year Williams e-mailed out of the blue. He wanted Ronson to accompany him to a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada, to hear testimony about being abducted by aliens.

“At first I wonder if he’s gone a bit crazy but I don’t think he has,” says Ronson in a recording of their trip, to be aired on BBC Radio 4 next month. “He’s just doing what lots of people do, including me – spending a lot of time on paranormal websites.””

Okay Ronson-ever the professional. I do feel sorry for Robbie but y’know, it’s your choice…





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