24 04 2008

Nominee: Billie ‘Fox’ Piper!

    Billy Piper is a LIAR

‘When all else fails and your popularity is dwindling, get/pretend to be pregnant!’

Yeah! Who cares about those little details such as really wanting to care for a child, when you can just fuck, come and have one yourself to get into the sad and pathetic state that is the British press. Desperation has never been so popular as a scent, as one by one, celebs try to out do each other.

Liar, liar pants on Fire!!

Oh, look at her ‘absent mindedly’ touch her stomach! Oh they look so ‘in luurrrve’! And how did the paps know were she was?? Oh, say it ain’t so Captain Harkness!

I do wonder-hmmmmmmmm.

Hands up if you think Fox is a dick head?




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