Sweet 16 ANNA ABRAMOVICH styleee-e!!

23 04 2008

Okay, this is from Gordan Smart from The Sun, so I obv had to do some much needed research to see if this story is true. Geez, he’s such a shitty writer!

So it brings me no surprise to say that a similar story was written in The Mail, earlier this year.

Scroll down to read the story;

Aaaaaaaand here is Smart’s piece in The Sun today.

The over-hyped and crappy Klaxons are alleged to be headlining and also super supAR electro indie starz CSS.

S-whine-wine. Why can’t I have a billionaire Dad?

Do we have a new bratz on the scene?




20 responses

27 04 2008

i guess you don’t go out much to be spending your time on your computer researching somebody’s sweet 16th.

27 04 2008

No you’re right I don’t go out much. I prefer to spend my time writing about very, very rich spoiled children who like to shove/push their wealth onto other peoples faces.

Now if she had a sweet sixteen and THEN donated some shit to charity instead of looking like ‘miss perfect’ in front of ALL her peers/friends….

She’d be brilliant! AND inspirational!

29 04 2008

enough with the miss world speech. Who wouldn’t want to splash out on a major party for all her friends and give them a really good time.

jealous we haven’t got our invite yet?

29 04 2008

Are you kidding me??

Invite to what?

I interviewed & photographed CSS last year when I had my own mag, and I saw The Klaxons before anyone knew who they are-I was sponsoring the night…

So who’s being the one with the strange emotions linked to this crap?

Get a grip. I went to a very good boarding school and realized I’m luckier then most-but there you HAVE it, I realise it, I’m not being full of shit and acting like some princess!?

Thats MY problem.

Please, don’t think that everyone like you has these warped aspirations-cause they don’t…some of us have been to these parties or went to school with these people…YAWN.

30 04 2008

hello, im going to her party, but i dont even know her. there are 300 people going or so, 50 of which she actually knows, 4 of which are her friends.. we just know it’s going to be fun, and its a free party.

30 04 2008

Xatty have a brilliant time! It should/will be a good laugh-I’m not being personal as such….just saying..

But I dig partying and enjoying life BIG time!

1 05 2008

like all the invitations she brought into school were stolen! she’s included these bracelets which look really tacky if you ask me…she says that they’re like real something or other but whatever. i hope she enjoys herself. one problem she knows none of the people going!

2 05 2008

haha i’m going (H)
and it’s tomorrow (3rd May 2008)

2 05 2008

Have a good one!! Bring out the goss!!


3 05 2008

so exciteddd. it’s tonight. yeah the bracelets are so tacky but £40 apparently.

3 05 2008

Wicked ENJOY! xx

4 05 2008

Apparently Alexa Chung was dj-ing too

4 05 2008

Was she? Didn’t know she could bloody DJ!

4 05 2008

i went it was FACKING AMAZING! css were shit live, alexa chung was DJ-ing and looked as stunning as ever and the klaxons were INSANE. there was a mountain of sweets, a photogrophy booth with a wind machine and props and they were handing round sushi and fruit coctails. and i managed to hug alex turner!

14 05 2008

Now come on, Anna doesn’t know any of the people who went at all.. Although party was amazing its quite clear that money buys you friends, do you think Alex Chung even knew who she was?
The party shows that todays ‘celebritys’ who generally speaking famous for doing nothing other than making a terrible record or being on trailer trash tv, will follow money, put on a little performance smile for the camera drink your booze. Then at the end of the night leave thinking what the hell was that, but hey i got paid mega bucks for doing nothing.
I’m sure Anna’s great, i mean you can’t choose you family can you, and why not take advantage of the fact your father is one of the richest men in the world?

16 11 2008
Ella Fleck

So we go to private schools
and can afford to spend luxurious amounts on our 16th birthday? it’s common knowledge that is only comes once in your life, and she’d be damned if she wasnt going to spend the day in style.
Aaand who gives a shit whether she knew anyone? it feels good to have people at your beck & call, because they know they are forever in debt to her.
Anna is a really nice person, don’t judge her if you don’t know her.

For those who say i’d spend that money for a charity, well…all i see is BULLSHIT flowing out of your mouth.
Don’t say the crap if you can’t take the crap.

Ella Fleck @ Francis Holland, London

P.S her party was banging. xox

8 12 2008
why you hatin'


5 01 2009



about take the crap,

do you even know Anna?

20 05 2009
the ACTUAL ella fleck

hahahhahahah someone pretended to be me, i don’t know whether I should be flattered or creeped out.
I do not know anna, nor did i attend her party so erm that lovely comment which “i” posted about loving having people “at my beck and call” was not written by me.

You clearly don’t know me very well either miss (or mr …) impersonator because you don’t sound anything like me!

“Ella Fleck @ Francis Holland”

2 02 2011
Ella Fleck

Omg please
You think you can just act like you’re the queen. Quite following Veronica around, and focus on whether or not Charlie cheated on you cause if you put out quicker he wouldn’t have looked else wear.
Keep your friends close Ella but your enemies closer.

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