OVERRATED: Dita Von Teezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

23 04 2008

What’s my name? Hype!
And when do you want it? Now!


Oh Dita. You are okay as person for sure…but I don’t but your whole glamorous burlesque bullshit. You and I both know you are just regurgitating a forgotten art form, wrapping it up in cliched foil and selling it at a high price to the mainstream.

I mean girl, I love your entrepreneurial skills and hec, if people are stupid enough to buy what you spoon feed them; then who am I to complain? We’re all adults.

But don’t expect me to put you on any pedestal, when we all know your just an o-kay actress who got a lucky break going out with Manson.

Right, more pictures of Dita looking like well devoid of any soul or personality-please click here amigos…

Here is Dita before she hit the big time and hooked up with Manson..ahh, don’t she look like she’d be buddies with Paris Hilton?

And Dita with Vicky B??! WTF?
Victoria B & Dita Von Teese...




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