23 04 2008

Everybody’s talking about you girl, and whatcha gonna do about it, huh?


Bastard child of what?

Diplo who?

Well, she’s up there in that pic with M.I.A, who’s officially the hipster pripster dahling of the year…so the girls gotta be hot ri-iight?

She seems top. Lots of balls and spike. And hopefully this won’t be just another flash…..in the pan…

At the same time though, you’ve presumably read enough of your press to be wary of – having worked with Diplo – as being typecast as nothing more than an identikit M.I.A.?

No, I don’t at all and I think that the press has got a little ahead of itself considering that they haven’t heard that much music. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited for the record to be coming out. Diplo worked on two tracks, y’know, and press are going to be putting their foot in their mouths with the M.I.A. comparison when the record comes out because it is so different. In terms of press I don’t get mad at it because I realise that people need a reference point and I think that on the outside that is a good one.”

Heh. I love what they asked her. It’s so fucking typical and laa-zy of music journos. I used to hate that when I used to cover music….

Check out the rest of her interview here via ONTD

LOVE this image below-is it her album cover?





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