BNTM: Revieeeeeeeeew!!

23 04 2008

YO! Britains Next Top Model is back and is whack. We have Anna Lee giving her two cents on the whole embarrassing charade!

Check out the start of the show with all models together – see what I mean? What is Lisa Snowdon WEARING??? Look at the state of her!

“Britain’s Next Top Model – huuummmmm….not so sure about that!”

More like Britain’s Next Not Known Model?


I mean, is that really the best group of girls England has to offer? Oh dear – How pitiful…..! But then again, I guess the truly special girls don’t necessarily want to do reality TV or tend to be found on the street as opposed to they themselves decided they ought to be a supermodel? There are so many holes in that show that it sinks before it can even get off the ground.

Judging from what I’ve seen so far of the show, I think there are only around 4 girls that I can see have real potential…But hey guess what? Surprise, surprise – I have been left so under whelmed that I can’t even remember their faces properly, let alone their names. Is there not a height restriction for modeling high fashion or can anyone just turn up and join the party in these ‘reality’ modeling TV shows coz some of these girls look like little shrimps.

Its disconcerting that these ‘girls’ are being told that they can work and then when they get out there in the real world of fashion they won’t be able to book a job. Certainly not with most of those faces and body types.

What the hell is: “LISA Mail!!!”???

That still sounds weird…even when they affect an exaggerated sense of excitement at meeting her….I mean “Supermodel” Lisa Snowdon…( there’s a bare faced lie if I ever saw one). She has been a successful commercial model but hardly on par with any of the other Top Model presenters. America gets Twiggy and Tyra Banks and we get her , Paula Hamilton and Lisa Butcher! O-k-a-y….that make perfect sense.

Don’t get me wrong she is a good TV presenter – seems pleasant and animated but really “Supermodel”? I don’t think so. We need someone of the caliber of Naomi or Kate or Erin. Even someone like Jodie Kidd would make more sense to anyone who knows anything about the recent top models. The person needs to be of a high enough caliber to not only make the girls giddy with excitement but to also attract in-demand fashion people on the show.

-Anna Lee




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