BRATZ: Lilly Allen whiiiines: “TV show is making me FAT ”!

23 04 2008

Er, no luv, it’s all that rubbish that you shove your two faced attention seeking gob! Anna Lee once again gives her two cents on the celeb weight issue: surgery or genuine diet?


    Allen! Doh!

The Mail thinks it’s just the way she dresses. Don’t think they dig her choice of da outfits raaight…

Anne Lee tinks:

Yeah, right Ms Allen. I don’t believe that for a second. That girl is a naturally big girl like her friends Kelly O and Miquita O who clearly enjoy their food.

Good luck to them!

But one should really refrain from showing certain parts of the body to disguise one’s flaws.

As for the initial weight loss….well, put it this way: I’m always surprised when celebs claims to loose a lot of weight suddenly and then puts it all back on again in quick succession. (Janet Jackson, Kelly/ Jack/ Sharon Osbourne, Mariah Carey, etc…) Me thinks they’ve taken the easier route, like most Celebs: Going under the knife?

Too right! We aint stoopid Celebs! Stop blagging the blaggers!





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