WTF is the big deal about Chad White??

22 04 2008

I really don’t get the gay blogs OBSESSION with this guy?? His looks are so ‘white bread’-dull, boring and predictable.

    JD Ferguson

Urgh, his interview with JD Ferguson is so lame. JD’s like ‘so are you gay or straight?’ WTF? Who cares. Why do gays care so frigging much?





2 responses

15 03 2009
evan monaco

Many men have a good body and good face but one must have somthing else to stand out. More then sex.

Chad White has a presence and not many models have this.

18 04 2011
cute girl

compared to most guys i see on the street this guy is a god has cute puppy dog eyes and full lips which is hard to find on most guys and he very tall and this is just 1 pic of him you have to see others omg hot

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