Pete Burns sex tape! YUCK!!

22 04 2008

Pete’s husband cheated on him, so he leaked his own sex tape onto the internet-which I’m not sure why? But he has this to say “I didn’t expect the dog to escape from my own kennel. As you can see, we obviously didn’t participate in safe sex, I trusted he was monogamous. I have since found out that was a cast of thousands and Michael’s flavour was definitely ‘unsafe’. You can imagine how I am feeling right now.”

Words not NSFW!!

A source who apparently saw the clip before it was taken down said:

“Pete has a big hairy crack and gets rimmed.”

We think that’s more than enough information thank you. But the source continues to describe:

“A real ugly cock with overhanging forskin and huge dangling bollocks.”




2 responses

2 03 2009

i am fine ……… like beaty

2 03 2009

have you read the poetry of charles bauderlare from french
he like you like the beautyism of art,,,,,,,,,,,?

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