21 04 2008

Xenophobia vs Racism

“A British Airways captain made the extraordinary decision to clear the whole of economy class (of Nigerians) on an aircraft due to take off from Heathrow in response to concern from travelers that security men were manhandling a man who was pleading not to be removed from the UK.”

Nigeria and England have always had a ‘hate hate’ relationship. But they’ve needed each other somehow and have worked swimmingly in other areas. Thing is, Nigeria was the only country colonized by the English who managed to successfully flourish sans the help of the Brits. They were also one of the handful whom gloriously stood up to them as well.

So Nigeria has always being begrudgingly held in high regard by the Brits and the other African colonies and too right!

But these formidable Africans are very high spirited-even for Africans and don’t take things quietly too often-or at all. Superb at swindling thousands off internet users with their bogus pleas for money, Nigerians observantly know how to make money-illegally in the UK. This doesn’t bode to well in the UK and has caused even wider problems which has seen many innocent Nigerians being refused work permits in the UK.

Erm, that’s not good or very fair.

But what happened the other day, raises a question whether this was a ‘Nigerian‘ thing or a ‘black African‘ thing?

Is it really fair to kick off 100 or so passengers who are all Nigerians because they complain about the treatment of a fellow passenger they deemed unfair?


Is it?




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