NEWSFLASH: Kate Moss’s boyfriend ‘really a very good boy who was very good @ school!’

21 04 2008

No, you don’t say? Kate Moss is all fake and full of crap? And her boyfriends ‘bad boy’ status is all, erm, a huge BIG fat LIE?!

    The Kills

Say it ain’t sooo mr president! Say it! Say it!

“Teachers at The Clere School, a rural comprehensive near his home, paint a similar picture of a young lad who, far from being a rebellious, troublesome rocker, could do virtually no wrong.”


I esp like this one too…notice of highlighted my fave bits below!!

“And we can reveal, despite the bad-boy image, 39-year-old Jamie was always impeccably well-behaved as a teenager and a first-class swot at school. Jamie’s teachers remember him as one of the politest boys they ever taught, who spent his lunch hour studying and even went round to teachers’ homes after class for more”

    The Kills

*Bad bo-Ooy!! Ohh, yeah!! Look @ those cuts….k-e-r-a-z-y stuff kidz! Don’t try this @ home!

Read the boring and predictable story if you have 5 mins to lose!

Oh, and Kate! You are a rebel non?

“A source has revealed how Kate’s jealousy nearly scuppered the relationship shortly after they first got together last year. In one bust-up, she stubbed out a cigarette on Jamie’s hand after she saw him talking to another girl in a club.”

Oh, and you seen these really ‘seen before like 50 times’ shoot of La Mosside by Hedi? Huh?




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21 04 2008
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