Henry Conway coming to a LaHn-don par-tay near you dahhh-ling!

21 04 2008

The ladiez over @ Lost In Showbiz beat me to the punch and to be honest-as always …I’ve been pretty lazy at writing something on Henry Conway. I guess it’s been a 50% interest on my part-he’s not that dirty really, and thus strikes me as that typical wannabe sloaney character.

    Henry Conway on Private Eye

I’ll still write something soon in my won styl-ee but I love these guys and more often then not-they speak my mind, literally!

“For now, it’s time to cast ourselves headlong again into the world of a chap who once hosted a party called “Fuck Off I’m Rich”, and who recently acquired a publicist. We don’t know the name of the night he was attending on Monday – let’s just call it “Fuck Off I AM London” – but it would appear to be the soiree equivalent of suggesting a bread shortage might be solved by the consumption of cake.”


For those who don’t know-here’s some juice on when the whole Conway thing exploded in England. You know all that ‘politicians are soo corrupt shock’ news thing! I know, it’s a non story but we’re in dire straits when it comes to good gossip nowadays.




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