Geez-I guess the Beckam’s are still hanging on to that ‘sciencetologist’ thang…for dear life!

21 04 2008
    Posh b fake b-day party!!

Phew….they are really trying to make it in Hollywood aren’t they? Hmm-I guess they don’t want to come back to England with their tale between their legs, huh?

Question: What do you get when you get a room full of celeb crazies who are completely the opposite to each other-and NEVER hang out?
True answer: A sciencetologist gathering.
‘PR answer’: Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham’s birthday party.

I’m not even going to try guess what the fuck p-diddy is doing there? I guess he goes were power is and he is persona non grata in Hollywood, as he’s just an entertainer. So this does make sense…

And Stefani? Well-I think with her it’s less power like Diddy and more ‘spiritual’. She is pretty kooky in that Juliette Lewis kinda way.

The others-are sciencetologist’s BIG TIME. Anyway, image and more images via Popsugar.




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