Walt Disney eat your heart out! Takashi Murakami wants your crown!!

16 04 2008

Vendor from SLATE magazine

‘The bags they were selling were real: authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise with prices to match. The vendors, played by actors hired for the occasion, were faux. Vuitton orchestrated this brilliant bit of marketing jujitsu in collaboration with the museum, touting the event in a press release as “an unprecedented and daring way to bring attention to the problem of counterfeiting.”

Right, now this is why people hate the art and fashion world so much. And yes, I used to be in it and still love art and fashion; if only aesthetically at the moment but god, they never cease to amaze you with their patronizing attempts at being ‘ironic’.

Unprecedented and daring way to bring attention to the problem of counterfeiting“; erm the reason why these bags sell in the black market by immigrant vendors, is because a) they need work and money to live and b) the people buying this tend to be immigrants. Everybody wants to be rich and successful. People want to belong and yearn desperately to be taken seriously. It’s not funny or innovative to re-create this epidemic to publicize an art show whose artist has gloriously ‘sold out’!

Urgh-it’s like we’re at a time were everything that’s uncool is cool, fake is the new new; it’s so confusing that I’m sure their is some post-post modernist term for this which I don’t have time to waste to research!

Art piece SLATE magazine

Slate magazine are being too kind to even ask the question of whether, “Takashi Murakami is Japan’s Andy Warhol—or its Walt Disney?”. I say kind because I may loathe Warhol but unlike Disney-he partook in a different form of exploitation and in a manner-kept his ‘evil’ to a minimum; the art world he loved ad equally loathed.

My answer is Disney but no doubt Murakami has a wonderful Koons like explanation for what he does and I’m sure my reaction is all part of his ‘being‘.

Argh, I don’t miss art school, a-t a-l-l.

Read the “Emperor Of No Brow”.




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