“The biggest civil war in Africa’s history is looming, and the world naps.”

16 04 2008

Says The Root magazine.

But the world always naps when catastrophes that aren’t Western occur; no, I think the issue with Darfur is the famous names that have attached themselves to the project. It personally turned me off and I think this may also be the issue for others; tellingly, I would describe myself if asked as socially and politically conscious.

I know Clooney et al mean well but I’m not sure is we haven’t tired of these celeb endorsements? Telling us how we should feel and who we should vote for. Trying to make us feel guilty for buying this or that ala Bono but not putting your money were your mouth is!

We’ve entered such media savvy times, that only the foolish and the voluntary naive do not question a celebrity’s involvement with a cause not seeing it as a profile enhancing mission. This means, that people like me and I’m sure others pretty different;just turn away. We switch off. We guffaw. A cynically wry grimace appears across our face, as we read or see these pledges.

And unfortunately, if not typically it means Darfur in Africa takes the brunt of our flippant actions.

Not good.




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