Overrated: “an itellectual actress” says Marie Claire

16 04 2008

“an affected actress” says I


“She grabs an energy bar from the display basket and studies the contents of the label. She wonders if the energy bar contains milk. That’s Tobey’s(Maguire) fault. For the past ten days she’s gone from being vegetarian to vegan.”

Oh, my god! Wait, I’m gonna puuuuuu-uke!

If you don’t understand why she is the most overrated and pretentious ‘auteur’-then you never will. You’re in denial because of her very lovely and photogenic face.

Maybe she should just sit and take pretty pictures? It’d be pleasant to look at and we wouldn’t have to listen to her go on about her ‘right on’, ‘normal’, ‘down to earth’, ‘political’, ‘just a geek’, ‘unaware of her beauty’ she is, who just ‘hates’ posing nude and is such a ‘serious actress’.

Blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaah.

Interview in the Aprilissue of Marie Claire.


In other news: See Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, Chloe Seveigny




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