Naomi Campbell in Brazil for Charity: Convenient or Conspiracy?

16 04 2008

Uhm, days after she’s banned from BA and accused of racism which = bad, bad pr, Naomi jets off to do charity work in Brazil….

But this rant isn’t about the non story of this blatant publicity stunt. It’s about Naomi and her dubious but selective ‘identity issues’

What is she on? Who is she?

She’s been turned away from giving blood in Rio, Brazil-which has made ALL the news, she says “unfortunately, I can’t give blood for Rio de Janeiro, but I’ll surely be back.”

Ahem Naomi. I love Brazil and it’s people but Naomi is originally not only from the UK but also ethnically from Jamaica. And I have to say I have never heard her actually do anything for Jamaica and boy, is it in a lot of trouble and poverty-nor Africa (which has people of her own color) apart from South Africa; which doesn’t count as Mandela, bless his heart, is now a fully fledged media whore.

And this bothers me greatly because she is in great denial of were she is from. I’m not one to laud this over people as I’m pretty much coming from all over shop but I’m aware of plights that are to do with my race or were I’m coming from. When it suits her she plays the ‘race card’, see the airport fiasco here that I wrote about just a few days ago and then when it doesn’t, she’s proclaiming her wish to give her all to Brazil.

Again-I’m not saying it’s bad thing at all, my problem is Naomi herself. Also, what I find intriguing is why she feels so strongly to Brazil, when it treats people of her race so badly?? Everyone knows about the favela’s in Rio or the conditions they live in Bahia.

Eurgh. This mentalist tires me and I’m writing more then I should or want to. Gonna go eat some cookies and sip a glass of pink champagne. Yes, yes, that’s what I’ll do.





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