BRATZ: Peaches Geldof..

16 04 2008

Who? Exactly.

    Peaches Geldof with boyf something, something, something..

Well, Peaches after trying for a very long, long time, has finally managed to snag herself a boyfriend who’s in a band! Wooh!

Said boyfriend seems to equally be as pretentious and contrived as she is-which is a match made in thy heaven. I wonder what they yonder about? Proust? Or his band?

His band? Or the over hyped and overrated ‘The Horror’s’; which I took very little interest in when I did me mag many moons ago.

Her for those not in the know?

THE Brat. The ‘original’, even before Lily Allen.

Mummy was Paula Yates, an English known serial rock star groupie done good after she married Peaches daddy, ‘sir’ Bob Geldof, a ‘rock star’ from a mediocre band with a catchy one hit wonder that later went on to create the world famous Live Aid-catapulting said man and said wife into the limelight and a leading bastion of the English popstar glitteratti.

Above Peaches and boyfriend are seen stepping out at trendy and popular with the stars London hot-spot Bungalow 8; they seem close and appear to have heavily thought of what to both wear to seem as ‘one’.




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