Africa’s the new Black!

16 04 2008

Where is Arica?

    The second “scramble for Africa”

Two of the worlds most racist and insular nations fight it out for control over Africa! Who’s gonna come on top? And what is Africa gonna do about it?


Wooh! Grab on to your seat belts folks cause this is gonna be one dirty ride! their will be bribery, corruption, violence and all sort of self esteem issues afloat on this dare devil game called;

‘Oh, les fuck Africa!’

When you thought colonization was a thing of the past and only left a handful of countries across the world, this new game is showing you that it is alive and well; occurring when and as you feel like it. It sometime goes under the guise of seeking to help-like Iraq but in this case, the guise is ‘the free market’.

China have been numero uno on the playing field, off loading all sorts of dodgy medicine onto the continent that struggles to not struggle. They were top doggy but now it seems another ‘super power’ on the make, wants a slice of da pie. India! Go India! Go India!

These colossal figure heads have interestingly got the longest and richest cultural history in the world; they were both leaders of the world at one time in the past centuries. Chained by their cultural identities and rituals, they have begrudgingly watched from a far as the UK and then the US have taken over as world titans.

But no more. India wants in.

Why Africa though? That poor ‘country’ were everyone having Aids and the like? Shurely their can’t be more to this ‘country’ that has been ravaged by war for like for-evah?

Hmmm…like, let me throw around some names…Diamonds, Oil, Minerals,……(stop me if I’m boring you with too many resources that the world need in order to function)

DOH! Well it seems like this continent of dark, dark and ever so scary daaark people, is a frigging gold mine!

Well, I never; so geez China, is that your deal?




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18 04 2008
Are you going somewhere? CHINA hearts AFRICA 4 EV-AH « rantersparadise

[…] my story here about this fucked up situation and how India is getting in on the game. No Comments so far […]

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