MADONNA on headcases…..

15 04 2008

Oh my god I can’t stop laughing! This is sooo good-it’s probably the highlight of the show!
Madonna in \'Hang Up\' hehe
Disclaimer: The humor is very English.

How good right? Riiiii-iight?




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26 06 2008

It’s not really English comedy, judging by the fact it’s very literal humour I would say it was American inspired.

26 06 2008

I don’t think so AT ALL. Americans don’t get satire. Britain invented satire in the 60’s with Dudley Moore, John Cleese and all that lot. Headcases is actually quite a lot like Spitting Image-which they also created. Spitting Image was done in the early 80’s….

5 07 2008
Jonathan Swift

“Britain invented satire in the 60’s”

Satire has been around for considerably longer that. Perhaps you’ve heard of Horace?

No, perhaps you haven’t.

5 07 2008

Yes I know who he is-but if we’re going to mention EVERY Greek Philosopher, Egyptian Scientist and Malian Writers-then we must as well forget pretty much most of the 21st Century when it comes to knowledge and learning. Not that I mind if we do-we are so pathetically un-original and incredible plagiarist’s, that our pathetic need to make history means we have written history through-media.

So WHEN I said the above-I meant it in terms of the way we see satire-NOW, not it’s EXACT meaning.

Come on?

9 07 2008

Well it is hard to argue with “come on?”, but let me try.

So the english didn’t invent satire, except they did in the 20th century? Is that what you are saying, cuz it sounds like that is what you are saying, and that is so stupid I can not top it.

Lets just say that the english invented language too. I mean sure people were using language before the english, but I still wanna say it cuz it makes my stupid brain feel better.

9 07 2008


What I’m specifying is talking about ‘satire’ and it’s role withing the context of popular culture-what our culture is now. Or more so this site.

“A more humorous brand of satire enjoyed a renaissance in the UK in the early 1960s with the Satire Boom, led by such luminaries as Peter Cook, John Cleese, Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller, David Frost, Eleanor Bron and Dudley Moore and the television program That Was The Week That Was.”

This was more what i was referring to, how is brought back into our ways by these guys.

Also, if you do research-minus the Roman or Ancient Egyptian times-the British have been known to work with satire a lot more then any nation. I guest the have ‘adopted’.

Basically, I’ve never seen satire as being synonymous with American culture?

23 07 2008

The only reason England is so affiliated with satire is because they have so much stuff that you can laugh at them for (Also they’re the fattest nation in the world but that’s a bit off topic).

4 08 2008

i don’t see why everyone has to make everything into an argument, even down to a stupid video.

it’s comedy.
just laugh at it and move on.

18 08 2008
24 08 2008

james, your response made me laugh so hard I almost choked!

17 11 2008

Hmmm, I am tempted to try this.

23 11 2008

Keep up the good work! 🙂

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