Ivana Trump will you marry? Please?

15 04 2008

Ivana and 4th Boyfriend
“Ivana Trump’s fourth wedding was never going to be a day for shy and retiring types and the £1million ceremony lived up – or down – to expectations.
The groom, a 35-year-old jobbing actor called Rossano Rubicondi, arrived to the Rocky theme and was joined by 25 male supporters – or groomsmen as they are known in the U.S. – all dressed in white.”

What really stood out for me was, “1 million ceremony”, “35 y’old jobbing actor”, “the Rocky theme” and finally, “25 male supporters”.

All power to you Rossano!

Call me, we can hang out….right? Yeah….? Maybe we can share some tips…..I ain’t got any so maybe you can give me some….

Sigh, I wish I was either a gay man or a man-you get soo looked after by the spouse! Women end up having to be trophy wives and have to jump through so many frigging hoops….


In other news: Do you think she will keep her Trump name again?




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