UNIQLO-Oh-Ohhh….hearts Chloe Sevigny…do YOU?

14 04 2008

Do you think this will be successful? LOVE the art direction though…clothes…pah

She looks brilliant I love the shoot and would ‘buy’ some of the stuff…but I wouldn’t pay for it if that makes sense? I could prob get it for cheaper in some thrift shop as they are replicas of old fashioned 70’s and 80’s t-shirts that had a lot of pop culture iconography, instead of drawings of Basquait’s and Harring’s work….whatevs.

Chloe 4 Uniqlo 4 EVAH

But can she make it sell? I guess her profile is moving away from the ‘hipster NY gal thang’…?

Love her or hate her-she delivers, she does, as an actress AND as a model. I think she has the package…





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