Salman Rushdie thinks we have been “wimpish” in promoting our ideas..

14 04 2008

The world listens, tentatively. Then breaths in-cautiously.
Padma very hotttt!!
Ahh, thought I’d post a picture of his ex wife Padma instead……

Do you like Rushdie? As a person? He’s pretty unpleasant right? And he’s also overrated writing wise don’t you think?

But then he has this knack of dwelling on subjects that I find intriguing. So I find myself swaying past his interviews or articles-I let myself go and await in hope that I will finally understand the hype that has followed the ex Indian model from Topchef’s ex husband.

Damn it. Not yet. But I’m nothing if not tenacious, I must be missing something, I must be right?

What do you think?

I want to see, I want to understand. I HATE missing out!




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