Looser Mag puts Looser person on its Looser cover!

14 04 2008

Diaz on W magazine!
Who is this?

Cameroon Diaz on the cover of W magazine-the faux celeb mag that makes people look all different and stuff but ever so pretty and beautiful. I really loathe Cameron Diaz, so my actually goal to highlight a decent number of quotes from her interview, fell flat. I could only bear to do two and they were from the first few paragraphs.

It’s like whose more full of shit, W or Cameron Diaz?

I mean what is the point of W? Will know it’s an elaborate pr exercise and an excuse for sad celebs to ‘fill’ edgy and ‘cool’…cause they don’t know what ‘edgy‘ and ‘cool‘ is..

Because you see,W , used to be just that many moons ago. Hip and all that jazz. Gulp, it even had really good content! But heck-that was so long ago that we can dredge all that stuff up again…I’d just sound bitter and that would just be no fun, now!

“Diaz went so gaga for New York that, in the end, she decided to make the city her second home.”

Oh, really??

“she says, “I can actually have a life.”

Urgh-shut UP!

W magazine tedious Diaz interview..




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