Leonardo Da Vinci’s mother was actually, gulp, an Arabic slave, yo!?

14 04 2008
    THE Mona Lisa

The art world reports on the story they initially found “seemingly far-fetched”; with little fanfare and shock at the concept that someone who isn’t white was/can actually be a genius.
Grrrr. Hmph. Ahhh

Yes, I know, silly right? Silly considering how mixed Europe was back then with trade and how wealthy we know of Arabic history or even African! But shhhh. The white philistines that make up the glitterati of the art world, still seem shocked by such historical evidence. Sigh.

Must be soooo hard to have sooo much anger and hatred to always want to put down all these races cause you HAVE to be number one!

Wooah dude!


And grow up I say!! Up, up, up!

Most history may have been rewritten but occasionally the truth prevails my friend….oh yes…it prevaiiiiiiiiiillllllllllls!!

We’ve all made our contribution as races to the world, in our own little way, so now lets all hug.. 🙂

“The seemingly far-fetched theory that Leonardo da Vinci was of Arab descent has been given new backing in a study, published this week, that suggests his mother was a slave.

It is known that Da Vinci’s parents were not married and that his father was a Florentine notary, Ser Piero. In a tax record dating from 1457, five years after the Italian polymath’s birth, his mother is described as one Caterina, who by then was married to a man from the Tuscan town of Vinci. It was assumed she was a local woman. But, according to Francesco Cianchi, the author of the study, “There is no Caterina in Vinci or nearby villages who can be linked to Ser Piero. The only Caterina in Piero’s life seems to be a slave girl who lived in the house of his wealthy friend, Vanni di Niccolo di Ser Vann.”
In his will, the Florentine banker left Caterina to his wife. But on his death in 1451, his house went to his friend and executor, Ser Piero.

The fact that the banker’s widow continued to live in the house, soon hiring a new servant, forms the basis for the theory that Ser Piero allowed her to stay in return for freeing Caterina. The slave woman disappears from the Florence records thereafter.

On April 15 1452, Da Vinci was born in Vinci. A few months later, his mother married one Acchattabriga di Piero del Vaccha.

The study casts light on slavery in Renaissance Italy. At the research’s launch, Alessandro Vezzosi, a Da Vinci scholar and founder of the Museo Ideale at Vinci, said: “A lot of well-to-do and prominent families bought women from eastern Europe and the Middle East. The young girls were then baptised. The most common names were Maria, Marta – and Caterina.”
Last year, a study by an Italian academic of a fingerprint left by Da Vinci found that it included a configuration normally only found among Arabs.”

SLAVE to the Mother!




4 responses

15 05 2008

me parece que la pagina es orroroza.

15 05 2008
Sammy Paul

what said by many people that her mother was not married…..but getting a arabic slave….seems wierd to me

4 07 2008

YOU’RE ALL WRONG. This cannot be. I cannot possibly believe this to be true… Da Vinci’s mother Arabic?!? Preposterous. I’ve never heard anthing so absurd….

Next you’ll be saying Jesus, of Nazereth, didn’t in fact have blonde hair and blue eyes like so many pictures depict.

It’s PC gone mad.

4 07 2008

Heh, I KNOW!! T’is a world were we ARE in-saaaane!!

HA! Ha!

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