Kate Moss wins £10,000 for lost bags and Naomi Campbell gets thrown in Jail.

14 04 2008

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on the cover french VOGUE cover...
Too funny! The best bit about this story is what the Mail commenter’s have to say! LOVE em!!

He,he; The Mail commenter’s below have their say-these two stood out for being apt..

So they call it ten thousand for Miss Moss and they call police for Miss Campbell. Tears versus tantrums, and tears win every time! Everyone loves a damsel in distress.

– Penny, London

So what’s so special about her? BA have done themselves no favours here, unless they compensate all of the other lost luggage customers the same.

– Mark R, Coventry, UK

Read the rest here

Oh and flashback!!

Back in the days huh? Read this Sun article about Kate and Naomi having a lesbian coke fuelled romp together! Ahh, Super-mode-ls….they are sooo above the law! But lest, we do let them don’t we!!




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