Fascism and it’s long running faithful affair with Italy…

14 04 2008

Now if beauty can’t sway you into voting for a hardened fascist, then god knows what can!
Urgh, I know I’m suppose to be pro women and all that, but do I have to be pro her? She looks kinda bitchy no?

“Ms Santanche is the figurehead of La Destra, meaning the right, campaigning on the old fascist trinity of God, Fatherland and Family. The party’s symbol is the old neo-fascist tricolour flame. It was founded by a nucleus of post-fascist believers after the mainstream heirs of fascism, the National Alliance, amalgamated with Mr Berlusconi’s Forza Italia to form the People of Liberty party”

Racism has never being so glamorous nor fashionable! What is it with very pretty women that send the world gaga? I’ll never know; I’m neither a man nor a sycophant. Oh, and I have some backbone.

I’ve always said an attractive woman is a dangerous woman.

And she definitely has the white nationalist community in a drooling tither..
White Power!

Italians prepare to vote but feel a little disillusioned. Looks like it’s our little evil man Mr Berlusconi for power again…?

The Guardian reports on the ‘slinging match’ between “hard-right candidate Daniela Santanchè and Alessandra Mussolini”, yeah, her dad’s ‘you know who’.




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