BRATZ: Mean girls alert!! Lily and Jaime SHOWDOWN!

14 04 2008

“At first, Lily thought nothing of it — she is not the jealous type or insecure. But it all came to a head when Lily phoned to invite a friend out to a party.”
Lily looking moody and Jaime looking smiley..


Welcome to the newest and latest edition of BRATZ! In BRATZ, I will commenting and gossiping on the new generation of bratish youngsters on the London party scene, who seem to have come to were they have due to the tried and tested method called, nepotism.

These girls and boys think they are the bees knees and have descended on to the party scene with incredible force, bringing it’s value down to -30 on the ‘coolio’ meter. With little talent between them all, they reckon themselves, spout a load of old cobblers and believe it’s their magnetic genius like talent that has gotten them, were they are. Not mummy and daddy.

On our first edition, we gossip about Lily Allen (daughter of actor Keith Allen and mother whose a film producer) falling out with Jaime Winstone (daughter of Ray Winstone), over, Jaime taking some of Lily’s friends away from her.

Uh huh.


But what are my two cents on the situation?

Well, this is very silly, they are very childish, they are bratz and that Winstone will KICK Lili’s ass no problem, so she better watch her back, step and everything else. And why don’t we bet that Lili’s pr company were the ones that leaked this to the Mail? I mean come on, Jaime looks worse in this and the comment regarding Lily not being “insecure”?? WHAT bollocks!! This is the girl who lost weight after she said we should be proud of our bodies and further more died her hair blond when she said dark was better?

Yuck. Prat.




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