Are the Dem candidates ignoring the white working class needs?

14 04 2008

“White working-class Americans are justified in their resentment about the way in which their needs and concerns are airbrushed from the national conversation or discussed in ways that bear little relevance to the root of their plight.”
\'Ken Park\' by Larry Clark
‘Ken Park’ by Larry Clark

Gary Younge from The Guardian seems to think so. God, when will this election ennndddddddd-d?!

Not sure if I agree with the premise of the argument but I think I see what he is trying to do, and I definitely agree with the class argument that he raises,which is something we never really speak about-esp in the UK.

God I feel a rant about class and it’s control over society coming up so, I won’t do it. Just read his article-but it’s nothing that can be changed. Power makes the world go round, we need the lower working class to survive and fuel our actions. It seems the sheer concept of an equal playing field, is un-real and so preposterous to the majority, that I don’t know what can be done?

Or what point he is trying to raise? People-us-we are inherently evil. Sometimes I think all this ‘leftie’ talk, is just that, all talk to make us seem like we care, when we don’t.

We need to feel, be and look better then other people, otherwise, what’s the point of ‘life’ as we know it?

Where’s all the fun going to be had dare I say?!


We need to look up not sideways or in front. We need to worship and we need those barriers that create and sustain a make believe world of power and success.

I think they need to get Britney on board! She’s white working class done good yah?!




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