11 04 2008


I’ve highlighted below some gems that stood out. Was good today-hopefully Moly’s going back to what it used to be. 🙂

Holy Says:


Sir Ian McKellen and Mika? It couldn’t possibly be true, could it?

I say:

Sir Ian said: “Immediately after, I(Mika) found him waiting for me at the backstage reception where I also met his mother and siblings.
“He invited me to see the final gig of his 18-month tour at Brixton Academy, which was a fantastical party.”


Holy says:

Behind NME Whines

Before they presented the NME awards, Matthew Horne and James Corden ran through the script on stage, going over the unflattering gags they would make about the acts. But their rehearsal was continually interrupted by NME reps sidling up and asking if they could tone down their comments about this artist or if they’d mind awfully not ripping the piss out of that artist, and so on. In the end (and dripping with sarcasm) Cordon snapped: “Look, why don’t you just give us a fucking list of people you DON’T want insulted?”

Incredibly, the producers did just that, returning with a piece of paper on which were the names of those attending who they regarded as sacrosanct.

Danny Dyer, Farris Rotter and especially Kelly Osbourne: “Because we need to keep her onside…” Now THAT’S Rock ‘n’ roll!

I say:

You saw my RANT here. Now, do you see what I mean?

Holy says:

Builder’s Glum

A builder working in London was surprised to see a small girl wandering alone on the streets of Belsize Park. After a brief chat she indicated a house she wanted to go to, so he took her by the hand and led her to the front door. The house’s owner, a certain celebrity, answered the door with her more famous celebrity pal behind her and stared at the pair for a second.

She then grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her into the house, pausing only to deliver a short, shouty rant to the bewildered builder, along the lines of, ‘What are you doing with my daughter?’ before slamming the door in the poor fellow’s face.

Surely a candidate for Celebrity Mum of the Year?

I say:

Is it Kate Moss? Who won celeb mum of the year? And all her mates are celebs…





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