REAL TALENT: Kelly Osbourne wins TOP prize (heh, only in Enlgland folks, only in England)

10 04 2008

Of course only we could harbor and encourage the useless nepotism ridden un-talent that is Kelly Osbourne.

UPDATE: She is nominated, hasn’t won…nominated…(still winning in my eyes)

She such a talentless looser in the US, that even the worse gossip mags don’t report about her but oh no! Oh no good ol’ Blighty has to take her and treat like her gold-giving her countless of jobs in the industry that she can barely do instead of actually putting on people with any talent or gulp no obnoxious Jewish mother riding behind them. Yikes!

Kate Moss’s favorite handbag/lap dog must’ve have thought she died and gone to heaven when she decided to visit London for a good old spot of shopping. Little did she know that we were such LOOSERS and all left feet that we would gulp, treat her like a Hollywood star!

Apparently Kelly won this award for her radio show which non coincidently has only being on for “just months after launching her radio career”. You have to laugh-or else you would cry.

Well it seems that other ‘we can’t even get our foot through the Hollywood door’ stars have watched and learned. It’s called the ‘Kelly effect’. When a yank that was yesterdays news in their home town decides to descend to London were they know they will be treated like visiting royalty.

What is it with us and the yanks? Do we have no frigging spine? Was Thatchers conduct with Reagan really a parallel of our non political relationship with them?

Pres tell good sir!

Kelly Effecterz:
Kimberly Stewart, Jack Osbourne, Jermaine Jackson, Christian Slater…….to be contd

More images here
Article(?!) here




3 responses

10 04 2008

You know… If You’re gonna say shit about Kelly atleast get your facts straight. she’s been NOMINATED for The Surgery. She hasn’t won anything yet you dumb Yank so get your facts straight first.

10 04 2008

Argh-I’ve added the link so people can see for themselves-prize or no prize she is an overrated pile of crap.

11 04 2008

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