POPBITCH GOSSIP: Is Mugabe’s mental state be due to syphilis?

10 04 2008

First I heard?! But gives food for thought eh?

This came in the mailout today; was the only thing that caught my eye to be fair-Popbitch has gone low on the delightful spoons of gossip it use to give us. Sigh. What do you reckon? It would make sense in a way cause he seems more then MAD.

>> Dodgy dictator theories <<

Old internet gossip recycled Watching the news this week, we were reminded of a post by Freudian skip in 2005: “Robert Mugabe is going a bit loopy at the moment… not due to senility but rather the final brain-melting stages of syphilis. As a previous consequence of this he and the late Joshua Nkomo had large parts of their diseased cocks amputated in the Seventies.”

Via Popbitch

Found this when I typed in ‘Mugabe & Syphilis’




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