10 04 2008

Boris & Ken ARE neck and neck!
Now Boris wins over Kens crowd of Black church goers.. From Boo HIsssssssssss to Yeahhhhh All right!

“Mr Johnson spoke of his own family’s immigrant roots and said his Muslim great-grandfather, who fled to Britain from Turkey, would be “very proud” he was standing for Mayor of London.”

Ha,ha-nice one me old mucker! Nothing like winning the ethnic minorities with tid bits about your ethnic past! LOL indeed, for Boris has only started mentioning his Turkish past-erm, like since last year. It was an open secret within the political world but Boris always seemed content to play the affable English gent.

‘oh dear, cripes indeed good sir’

But what he of course submits to mention is that his Turkish roots came from money, arrogance and were even more conservative and racist then the British themselves.

It’s always so amusing how the most ‘English’ people in this land of pastures green are mixed race?


Scene stealers:

“*The audience began to warm to Mr Johnson after he agreed to fund the ‘London living wage’ of £7.20 per hour for the poorest workers if elected.

*He won over even more people when he talked about housing and agreed to a one-off amnesty for all illegal immigrants living in the capital. ”





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