World Mysteries: Why didn’t they put HER with Lebron James instead of Gisele on that cover of VOGUE??

9 04 2008

Liya Kebede on UK\'s Harper Bazaar May 2008


That’s the first thing I thought.

Liya is hardly not fucking beautiful nor is she not a very top model-heck she’s one of the most well known faces in the fashion world! So far all the people who claimed that there were not enough black models to put on the cover and it was cause Giselle was the only top model, whine, whine, whine..etc etc etc…

I call bullshit. And I say fuck you.

    King Kong and Vogue

I hate bullshiters. Call a spade a spade-Vogue is racist END OF. Am I crying over spilled milk? Hell no, I don’t care-the creative style world I used to love is so frigging redundant and boring, I’d rather get my inspiration from street styles or vintage haute courture.

But be honest. It is what it is.




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