SIGH: Britains Next Top ‘Boring’ Model

9 04 2008

Compare this to the American one, with Tyra and stuff….and you will CRY. CRYYYYYYYYYYY.
Britains Next Top Modelzzzzzzzzz

It’s like your blind granny from Milton Keynes whose desperate to hang out with the ‘kids’ and decides to produce this whilst high on cheap white wine with a gang of her mates as photographers, stylists and hair&make up person!

Shoddy is too, too kind a word.

At least I can take comfort with the fact that Canada’s is just as bad. But it’s Canada-this is normal; they don’t have years of style and fashion expertise. We’re Britain. What’s up with that? What’s up with this?

I’m in two minds about bothering to actually watch this cause it’s so shit and the photography is just lame but I’ll still check it out. If only to sigh @ the complacent workmanship. Urgh.

Below are the other Next Top Models-Whose is better? Worse?

Australia\'s Next Top Model!
Australia’s Next Top Model

Canada\'s Next Top Model
Canada’s Next Top Model

America\'s Next Top Model
America’s Next Top Model

Yawn. Series is starting on the 21st of April on Living TV-see you there!




One response

18 06 2008
beth dunkley

heyyya americas nt top model is soooooo bitchiiee but sos the rest lol=]

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